Shazam announces update that brings more television and music content


Right now, everyone is working to have a greater presence in the living room. A second-screen is the target thanks to how much time we all spend on our mobile devices rather than looking at and doing other things. Shazam is no different and has expanded its television recognition to 160 channels. Displayable content from television shows includes show, cast, and music information. The design is getting adjusted to match a users preferences.

On the music front, Shazam will continuously push new content to the user, music videos and interviews included. So now when a song is recognized, fans can be connected to their favorite artist instead of having to go elsewhere.

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Shazam Update Features a Great New TV Experience, Music Content and an Innovative Facebook Integration

New York and London – May 15, 2014 — Shazam® is bringing you exciting new ways to engage with the world around you.  A major feature of this month’s update is a streamlined second-screen experience for television in the U.S.  Plus, Shazam has added great new content in the music results and has integrated even more with Facebook.

TV in the U.S.:  Shazam is the fastest way to find out more about the show, the cast, and the music featured in the show. With today’s update, users will see a new look that makes it easier to get all the content they want around their favorite dramas, comedies, reality shows and more.  Shazam users can Shazam any show on the 160 channels that Shazam supports in the U.S.

Music:  Since December, Shazam has brought users new music, great videos, and interviews with artists they like. With today’s update, this fresh new content will be featured in the result whenever a user Shazams a song, building on the recently launched new design recently introduced.  It’s the perfect way to keep fans updated about their favorite artists. 

Facebook:  Shazam is a launch partner for an innovative new integration that’s part of the new Facebook Audience Network.  This means that users who have Facebook loaded on their mobile device will receive customized ad results in a native module within the Shazam result.  This serves users a non-intrusive experience while brands will be able to better communicate with engaged consumers.

Shazam has been rolling out its new look and great new features with monthly updates that give users an improved experience with easy access to previewing, buying, and sharing their discoveries.  The new updates launch today on iOS, with Android just around the corner.

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