announces new Kairo theme for HD Widgets


Need to inject freshness to your device? Then give’s new Kairo theme for HD Widgets a try. The new theme is stunning as it is full of colors in a very clean and modern design. The size of widgets available range from 1×1 to 8×2, so there is no shortage of choice. And for a bit more money, Kairo XP brings an additional 60 widgets with more preset colors among other features.

Let us know in the comments if you tried the new Kairo theme.


  • noneedforthat

    It looks…. awful.
    A 2 year old could do better

  • Martin Guay

    I’m honestly not sure about this one. I’m all in favor to customize my display but this is to flat for my liking.

    What about trying to get something going like beautiful widgets with the amount of different themes?