Gold, rose gold, and platinum plated HTC One M8 available for purchase

HTC One M8 Gold

Goldgenie typically releases extremely expensive, gold-plated versions of popular devices, just like they did with last year’s HTC One. This year, they’ve released the follow-up HTC One M8 in three options; gold plated, rose gold plated, or platinum plated. These are the same color options as last year, and to no one’s surprise, they’re still insanely expensive. The gold model is the cheapest, costing just over $2,500, and the platinum model is the most expensive at $2,900.

You could probably buy most major flagship devices that are coming out this year for what one of the devices will cost, but hey, if you’ve got enough money to even consider buying a gold plated phone, you’re probably not worried about that.

source: Unwired View