Jury denied additional information about Steve Jobs intentions in Apple v. Samsung case


The jury in the Apple v. Samsung case is set to make a ruling (again) about whether Samsung infringed Apple’s patents and if Samsung really owes Apple 2 billion dollars in damages. To try to get some additional information before deciding, the jurors asked for more information about what Steve Jobs said when he decided to prosecute Samsung, as well as if Google was ever mentioned in his conversations. While Google isn’t directly involved in the case, one of the devices included in this trial (the Galaxy Nexus) ran stock Android software that was claimed to violate one of Apple’s patents, and Google has brought forward some employees to defend Samsung.

The jury also wanted to know what Samsung’s reaction was the CEO first discovered that Apple was planning to pursue a case. There was also some confusion over why Apple picked the five specific patents involved in this case. Unfortunately, Judge Lucy Koh denied the jury’s request for any of this information, claiming that it was time to make a decision, not ask for more evidence. While some of that evidence technically doesn’t have anything to do directly with the case at hand, it would shed some light on the motives behind Apple’s constant barrage of lawsuits against Samsung.

The jury should hopefully come to a verdict within about a week. Hopefully they can make an informed decision without having access to the additional information they requested.

source: The Verge

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