OnePlus gives a production update that points to June for “increased general availability”


Waiting to get your hands on the new OnePlus One? You may be in it for the long haul. The company has provided a roadmap for the device’s production. It should be of no surprise that the OnePlus One’s very low price tag (starting at $299) garnered a ton of interest from consumers. For this reason, OnePlus had to modify its production schedule. While those phone smashers are starting to get their handsets, the bulk of consumers will have to wait until late June or even July to get the OnePlus One.

This is the new OnePlus One production schedule:

  • Ready now – 100 for phone smashers
  • Mid to late May – Larger batch 16GB Silk White for the first batch of invites
  • Early June – Larger batch 64GB Sandstone Black
  • Later in June – Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June

Are you going to wait to purchase a OnePlus One?

Source: OnePlus

  • howardbamber

    I’ve offered to kill my beloved nexus 5 in some nasty ways. I’d like to have an option to give it to charity, but just hope I get one. It’s gonna be the last phone I get for 3 years. Keep trying to tell others phones are good for the things they do now.