Apple and Google provide promotional offers to developers to get exclusive games first


According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google have been offering promotional packages to developers in order to be the first to feature various games on their respective platforms. This promotional perk includes placing apps on hot spots on the app store page and features list.

The same report indicates that Apple previously offered Electronic Arts to promote its highly anticipated Plants vs. Zombies 2 on its App Store and in return, EA launched the popular title on the iOS platform 2 months before releasing it for Android. However, Gameloft, developer of Asphalt, refused to accept the deal offered by Apple, instead, it chose to launch the game on both Android and iOS at the same time.

“Google has struck deals to help promote apps that integrate Android branding. In one example in March, Game Insight, a popular Russian app developer, says it offered discounts on items shaped like Android’s robot mascot that were sold within a game. In return, Google agreed to feature the company’s app in a specific section of its app store.”

Source: Wall Street Journal