Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored to feature a three sided Youm flexible display


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already been rumored to include a 4K display and a possible Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset however, a latest report hints that it might also feature a remarkable flexible display.

Shortly after a Samsung representative stated that the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a “new form factor”, the Korean Media reported that the device will be the first smartphone to feature the “Youm” flexible display by Samsung. To add more to the flame, the same source, citing industry insiders, said that the screen will be three sided. But what is the use of a three sided screen? Well, it could be used to display various notifications such as messages, reminders or even the time.

Source: ZDNet
Via: G 4 Games

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Hmmm.. We’ll see

  • Oli72


  • Richard Yarrell

    This has been well known since November 2013 so this isn’t new to current Note owners we are well aware of the next Note product.

    The Galaxy Note 4 will have a 5.9 inch Three sided display 2560 by 1440p resolution at 525ppi, Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 Ghz with the new Adreno Gpu, and 4gb of ram with 20.1 meg camera and 5.0 front facing camera, 64gb internal storage with 128gb sdxc capabilities, all with a 3500 to 4000mAh battery.

    Plain and simple nothing else matters or will beat the Galaxy Note 4 in 2014. The Note 4 and Gear 3 will be day one purchases for me.

    • b

      I’m not doubting you but how do you know that or can you direct me to the source of your statenent?

    • Joe J

      If it isn’t the famous samsung fanman richard yarrell. Have you tried out the LG G2? its like a samsung galaxy S4S

    • Joe J

      Also the LG G3 is going to crush the s5 & m8

      • Brian

        in your opinion. I love the way people state their opinions as facts.

        • Somedude

          You believe you are more intelligent right. I am more intelligent than you. I will destroy you.

          • Brian

            All jokes aside, I think you have mental problems and so I’m going to ignore you from now on. You keep telling me you’re going to destroy me. That is not a “normal” or sane adult statement to make. Get some help mate or learn to behave like a normal person.

            • Somedude

              Apple is the best.

    • Somedude

      iPhone is better. Apple is better than samsung. S-sheep

      • isuck jobs bones

        sad little boy keep trolling and please tell us how you come to this claim. now go back under the bridge with that tiny screen doh!

        • Somedude

          iOS is more faster and smoother. It has a better App Store. And it receives more future software support. iOS is the superior system. Apple is the best!

          • jed Dignazio

            LOLOLOL, a comedian!! Everybody knows thats not

            • Somedude

              I am telling the truth

            • Brian

              No, you are regurgitating Apple fanboy nonsense which has little to no substance whatsoever. Android is getting smoother all the time and iOS seems to have gone the other way in some areas, such as transitions.

            • Somedude

              I am more tech savy than you. Of you want a debate, let’s do it. I will destroy you.

              Kitkat is not even present in 10% of android phones. That’s very pathetic.

              iOS is the superior system

              And don’t forget samsung copy apple, they are copycats

            • Brian

              Let’s look at your response:

              “I am more tech savy than you”.
              You may or may not be, but you don’t know me so you are making quite an assumption.

              Then, after you tell me you will destroy me in a debate you make childish statements like:

              “iOS is the superior system” with no explanation or supporting argument to that statement whatsoever.
              “And don’t forget Samsung copy Apple (I added the capital letters for you), they are copycats”. Is that the best you can do?

              So all you have done is basically made 12 year old schoolboy-like statements. I am amazed you didn’t tell me your dad could beat my dad in a fight.

              Little boy, I have had so many of these debates and typed such a ridiculous number of paragraphs debating with kids like you that I am over it. If you want a debate then search my posts and see all the FACTS I have listed over a period of time and come back with your arguments from there. Then I’ll debate you any time you like.

            • Somedude

              Here is my arguments which are going to destroy you. I won’t check your comments because I know you can’t beat me on a debate.

              iOS is the superior system: of course. It’s more smooth and optimized, it receives more future updates support, and it has the best App Store. And if you add jailbreak, then you have even more options about customization.

              Samsung copy apple: of course, just google this: samsung comparison report iPhone galaxy in scribd. Just check that documents. Samsung is a copycat. Accept it.

              There you go. I own you. I destroy you.

              Let’s see if you are brave enough and make a comeback hahahahahaha

          • Brian

            iOs is a clumsy oaf with no access to a file system, crappy iTunes to get stuff onto your phone, can’t run 2 apps at the same time on the screen, no manual controls for your camera… we could write a book on the deficiencies of iOS..

            As for having a better app store.. that is purely your personal opinion and tends to be a myth more than anything.

            • Somedude

              Itunes? Lol that’s a myth

              I see you have a lot of prejudge and false topics.

              App Store is superior. It receives the apps first and have some great exclusives

              Accept it s-sheep

    • Hakim Leveille

      They may treat us and do 4k but I’m like you, 1st day purchase in the plans

  • Julian Essex-Spurrier

    After numerous disappointments I will only believe it when I see it. Samesung need to start showing the same kind of innovation that sparked the original note for me to become interested again. They certainly have the cash and the ability.

  • Michael Dennique

    I thought that this particular variant by Youm was for the Korean market only?

  • Zatch

    Good thing it’ll have that curved screen, I mean, how else are you supposed to get notifications or tell the time? Do you people seriously think that’s a good idea? Like it’s more convenient to turn your phone to the side to see who text you? This is seriously one of the worst ideas I’ve seen. How many times has your phone been sitting there and you thought “if only the screen wrapped around to the side, it would make my life so much easier”? I’m a Samsung guy, got the S5 on day one, but this idea should go in the trash.

    • jed Dignazio

      So your mad you used your upgrade on the S5 huh?
      Should have been holding out for this Note 4!!

      • Zatch

        You obviously didn’t understand anything I said… I’ve never liked the Note series and I especially dislike the wrapped around screen, which you would’ve realized if you had read my comment correctly.

    • Brian

      I take it you have never seen the Samsung YouTube video showing how these curved screens work? Obviously, you use the phone the way you always have done.. but notifications can be read while the phone is flat on a table at a very sharp angle to you. You need to see the video to get what I am saying. If you are holding the phone then notifications will still reside at the top of the screen as usual.

      • Zatch

        And that still seems practical to you? I understand how a screen works, that’s not what I’m saying.

        • Brian

          I was only trying to say to you that the screen wrap-around does has a valid design. To be honest I am not keen on those screens either. The video I saw looked really good when a text message came through and scrolled along the edge of the screen. Having said that, if I was expecting an urgent message I would just turn the screen on anyway, no big deal.
          My issue with those screens is that, in my personal taste, I think they look ugly, and I also think there is a much higher chance of the screen breaking when dropped. Screens break in most cases when dropped face-down, but many survive the drop tests when landing on their sides, for example. Looking at the photo at the top of this page – I would imagine the screen would break if it landed on the side where the display spills over the edge of the phone.
          I also imagine it might be a bit of a nightmare to hold: wouldn’t one be accidentally pressing icons on the edge of the screen all the time?

  • simpleas

    Well I knew I was getting the note 4 but dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sam Oakin

    Why doesn’t someone put a small e ink paperwhite screen on the back so you could see essential information (date/time, caller ID, etc.) in daylight? I think, from a usability standpoint, that would beat the hell out of heart monitors, 3-sided screens. and retina scanners–and probably cost a lot less to produce.