A very low-priced Nexus phone might be in the works


Flagship phones always get the center of attention, but lower-tier phones are growing in popularity, especially in developing countries. Over the last year there has been a trend in better quality low-tier phones, such as the Moto G.  Now it looks like Google might have something in the works as well.

A report out of China has Google partnering with MediaTek for a very low-priced smartphone. Those of you that generally buy flagship phones are probably not familiar with MediaTek. Like Qualcomm, they are makers of mobile processors, but they are generally found on budget phones. This rumored phone is expected to sell for only $100.

We certainly don’t expect this phone to be Google’s featured Nexus phone for this year, but it could very well be a secondary phone for developing countries. For all we know, it might not even be marketed under the Nexus name.

source: mtksj
via: G4Games