Comcast rumored to be considering their own mobile service provider business


According to recent rumors, Comcast might branch out from simply being an Internet service provider, and move into the mobile wireless market. According to The Information, Comcast has been considering creating a nationwide mobile network that relies heavily on WiFi.

Rather than purchasing blocks of the wireless spectrum, Comcast would instead use its WiFi hotspots to provide service for a large number of devices. This makes sense considering its WiFi network is growing larger and larger, with over a million public access points. Despite the large area covered by Comcast, there will be spots without Comcast WiFi, which is where other carriers, such as Verizon, would step in.

According to the rumors, Comcast is still a ways away from launching a network, and it might be a while before more details are released on the subject.

  • Shane Andrews

    Don’t you need reliable service to provide VoIP? This is a horrible idea for Comcast.