HTC looks to double their market share in 2014


HTC might have made the best phone of last year (and this year), but their results are from manufacturer of the year. When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Samsung clearly dominate. Companies like LG, HTC, Sony, and Motorola are just sitting at the bottom of the barrel hoping to catch fire.

HTC’s 2013 smartphone market share wasn’t even 5 percent, but they have big plans for 2014. CEO Peter Chou has set a goal of reaching 8-10 percent of the market. It doesn’t seem like much, but that certainly won’t be any easy task.

Furthermore, HTC chairwoman Cher Wang feels they will return to profitability by the 2nd quarter of this year. Better smartphones sales will help achieve that, but they also confirmed they are planning on launching a tablet as well as a wearable device, most likely a smartwatch.

For HTC to improve, it’s a simple recipe that includes three things: marketing, marketing, and marketing. This is something that I have said a million times. Unfortunately HTC doesn’t have the funds that Samsung has, but when they do spend the money, it’s always foolishly. The Robert Downy Jr. ads were atrocious, and this year’s “Blah Blah Blah” campaign is appropriately named if you know what I mean. Telling people to “listen to the internet” isn’t going to cut it.

HTC has proven one thing and that is the best product doesn’t always sell the most. You have to capture the consumer’s attention. HTC doesn’t need to spend as much as Samsung, but if they spend their budget wisely, they have a chance at meeting their goals. If not, it’s going to be another very long year for HTC.

source: China Post
via: Phone Arena

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  • JV Velarde

    Simple recipe, don’t use the same marketing strategy as before. Think out of the box & learn extensively from what failed them in the year 2013.