Developer edition of all new HTC One (M8) to be offered in Amber Gold or Gunmetal Grey


HTC will be releasing 4 versions of the all new HTC One – the normal carrier locked version, a Google Play Edition, an unlocked version, and a Developer Edition. You can get the Google Play Edition from Google Play now, with an estimated shipping date of 2-3 weeks. The Developer Edition is now available directly from the HTC web store.

While the Google Play Edition runs stock Android, the Developer Edition is based on HTC Sense 6.0, and even comes with an unlockable bootloader.

The device will cost $649.99, and will be offered in two colors – Amber Gold and Gunmetal Grey. In the US the handset will be available on AT&T and T-Mobile, and for the rest of the world it should work on most GSM and HSPDA+ networks. You can also opt for the unlocked version, which is essentially the same device, but the bootloader is locked. However, you can still easily use it on different networks.

Source: HTC

  • Oli72

    For $700+ with tax. No thx u. Nexus 4 I will keep until screen falls off.

  • fgytr

    No removable battery. I don’t like the wasted space at the bottom for the htc logo. Makes the screen off center.