Huawei condemns NSA for snooping


Huawei made a statement on Sunday saying that they would condemn the NSA for snooping if reports of the agency doing so proved to be true. According to documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the NSA may have been monitoring executives at Huawei and their communications.

According to the New York Times, a goal of one of the NSA operations, code-named “Shotgiant”, was to find connections between Huawei and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Apparently the NSA also wanted to exploit Huawei’s technology and use telephone networks that Huawei sold to conduct surveillance.

Reportedly, the NSA gained access to Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzen and obtained information about the company’s complex digital switches that apparently connects about a third of the world. The goal of this was apparently to pursue a digital offensive about leaders in China, namely the former prime minister Hu Jintao.

Apparently U.S. officials see Huawei as a security threat, saying that the company could install their equipment with back doors for the Chinese government to use to gain government secrets. U.S. officials deny the allegations.

Source: Reuters

About the Author: Christian de Looper

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  • Tatiana

    Wow. The irony is powerful here. What a joke that a paid agent of the worst violator of privacy rights (China) of any modern society feels comfortable enough now to make a farcical statement like this. Good job Snowden!

    And it takes a special kind of idiot to *not* realize that Huawei is *absolutely* a security threat to *any* non Chinese user of their equipment. Incomprehensible that idiots in the West have become so naive that they truly believe the only thing to worry about is their own governments. Be vigilant with your own government, and then multiply it by ten for others. Then SQUARE that for China.

  • Ryo

    The first reaction that comes to my mind.
    Fuck the USA.

    It’s not safe to use US products. Snowden is a hero.
    Encryption is a good beginning. And yes, I would rather trust China than the USA which spread war all over the planet.

    • fredphoesh

      Juvenile comment… being reactionary is not being clever… your comment proves this.