Nexus 8 could come at a premium price point


With sales of the Nexus 7 not hitting their mark, rumor has it that Google is already looking to July to release a new generation of tablet that’s just a little bigger. More rumors have the 8-inch tablet coming in at close to nine, 8.9 inches to be exact. While the Nexus line is famous for bringing quality hardware at a lower-than-premium price point, a new rumor suggests that this new tablet will break away from that tradition.

In an email to C-Net, Rhoda Alexander, director of  tablet and monitor research at IHS Technology, the tablet is expected to be “high-performance” and as such, will come with a premium price tag. She says:

“Volume production is expected to start in July or August,” Alexander said. “The expectation is [that] this will be a lower volume product, carrying a premium price tag to support the specifications.”

Given that there was a rumor that HTC was picked for a premium Nexus tablet this year, it could be the company that’s working on this tablet, even with Asus being pegged for the third generation of the smaller tablet.

HTC will make the new 8-inch tablet, according to Alexander. It could be that HTC will make the Nexus 8, and that Google will continue on with a Nexus 7 tablet made by Asus. Of course, that’s speculation.

As far as pricing is concerned Alexander, “would not be surprised if it is higher than $299.” Given that this would be a premium low-volume tablet, that’s not surprising.

Regardless, all of this is rumor and speculation. Of course, we’ll update you when we know something more official. Most likely, nearer to July.

source: C-Net

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