HTC’s revenues for February continue a downward spiral


We’re beating a dead horse at this point, but HTC has had another pretty awful month in terms of revenue. In February 2014, HTC’s revenues totaled roughly NT$7.22 billion, or $238 million in US currency, down 26% from February last year and down roughly 25% from what HTC reported just last month. In the first two months of 2014, HTC has made NT$16.89 billion in revenue, significantly down from the NT$26.9 billion it had generated at this point last year.

Things just keep looking worse and worse for HTC, and despite the HTC One being arguably the best device of 2013, they just can’t hold their own against the bigger dogs in the fight like Samsung and Apple. I don’t think things can get too much worse for HTC, so the All New One might be the only thing standing between a bankruptcy or a buyout for the company.

source: HTC Investors

  • Matthew Speak

    The HTC One is the best phone I’ve ever had…hopefully HTC can get past these troubles because they deserve to be ahead of apple and Samsung.

  • Tyson Gifford

    Very sad, htc is one of my favorite companies, I am on my 3rd htc phone and I loved them all, I have the one now and it is amazing… It seems like their primary problems are management and advertising… They should only make 3 phones a year, 1 tablet, and 1 watch… The HTC one, a mid range phone, a phablet (that needs to be more than just a large htc one), a 7″ tablet that is a larger non phone version of their phablet, and a Google now smart watch