Galaxy S 5 leaks in all its glory (inside and outside) ahead of Unpacked


Well what do we have here? After yesterday’s minor leak on video, we now have the Galaxy S 5 in the best pics yet. The S5 isn’t a dramatic change over last year’s Galaxy S 4, but it also appears a little bigger. Many were also wondering if the faux leather back from the Note 3 would make it to the S5, but as you can clearly see, it hasn’t. A fingerprint scanner is supposed to be embedded in the front home button, and this year’s S5 will be waterproof and dustproof. Hit the break for more images.

sources: Hardwarezone / @SaudAndroid
via: Phone Arena


  • C#

    Yup, same ol’ boring design. Between HTC’s decision to keep the black bar and now this, I think I may have to stick with my Moto X for awhile longer.


    I’m sure it’ll look amazing in person, specs are awesome and waterproof! Nice.

  • mankulito

    same shit, what a surprise

    • Zeus

      I mean how much better can phones get? It’s thin, it’s proven to be a great design. I’m more concerned with the insides. I know the screen will be great, and the previous report on this site about Samsung allegedly letting Google have more of the software rather than putting so much bloatware in there, implies that this phone will be great. Most people (not saying you specifically do) throw a case on their phone anyway. Who cares about design? The specs are all that counts.

      • extreme

        how much better can they be ? , well as advanced as phones and electronics are now Samsung Google and many other company’s have the capability’s of making and releasing such a powerful phone it would own and be current in the market for many many years to come but they don’t cause if they release the best they can , then there is going to be no more sales each year for them so they hold back on a lot and do small upgrades each year so we as consumers keep coming back

        • Zeus

          I agree with you. But we only know the look of it from this post, hence why the original poster’s comment of “Same shit, what a surprise,” makes no sense. The greatness of a phone comes from the innards. The specs on this might be fantastic. Making a judgment that the company continues to use a successful design on the body, is pointless.

    • Major_Pita

      Sounds like it wouldn’t have mattered to you anyway. But thanks for sharing :/

  • Major_Pita

    I have a ‘MDK GS4 and while the S5 may bring a lot to the table – especially on the software side I think I’m going to get a Note 3 instead. I was considering doing one or the other (S5 or N3) but I think I’d rather have a bigger screen.