Android 4.5 and the Nexus 8 to arrive in July according to insider


At the last Google I/O conference Google broke away from its routine by not announcing the next version of Android, rather, they focused on showcasing new apps and services it was working on. A new rumor suggests that the Mountain View company will be continuing this trend when Google I/O happens in June.

According to an insider who happens to be “familiar in the matter” says that the next version of Android will not be announced until July along side the rumored Nexus 8. The next version of Android will be 4.5 rather than 5.0 suggesting that the next bump will be small enough to not warrant a whole number increase, but big enough to be more than a X.X.1 bump.

Earlier rumors for the Nexus 8 had the tablet pegged for an April release, but the Google way usually constitutes a new Android version with a new piece of hardware to showcase it.

source: Android Geeks