Koush teases Android mirroring to Chromecast in AllCast update


Koush’s AllCast app has seen some ups and downs. It was originally designed to be able to share content to a Chromecast, but Google ended up blocking the feature, and then it was added back last week . The next step for the app might be even bigger, though.

On his Google+ page, Koush hinted that he would be able to stream Android to Chromecast, which presumably means sharing an entire device’s screen to your television. He didn’t explicitly say whether or not that would be an AllCast feature or something else entirely, but the idea is exciting.

It’s always possible that Google could shoot this down almost immediately after release like what happened with Chromecast initially, but hopefully that was a one-time ordeal. After all, if an app like this existed, it would certainly boost Chromecast sales, right?

source: Koushik Dutta