Samsung to offer a smartphone with a bent display this year followed by a bendable display next year


As Samsung and LG duke it out in the curved phone arena, Samsung (and presumably LG) is readying a smartphone that has a “bent” display. It will debut later this year, and of course, it will be a Galaxy product. If you read between the lines, you will see Galaxy Note 4 written there. However, much like the Galaxy Round was to the Galaxy Note 3, expect it to be a variant. They will only produce a few million units for a niche market.

A bent display features a more pronounced “curve” on one edge of the display. This bent area can display separate notifications as well. Samsung showed this as the Youm display at CES 2013. It represents the next step to what many are waiting for…. foldable displays. For now, it seems as though we won’t see the first smartphone with a foldable display until 2015.

I wonder what they will call this year’s model? Galaxy Bent?

source: Korea Herald

  • M42

    Now that Steve Jobs is gone and Apple no longer innovates Samsung has nobody to steal, I mean borrow ideas/concepts from. And left to their own devises they come up with lame products like this bent phone.