LG G3 may see an official launch around May or June to compete with the Galaxy S5


LG typically waits until late summer to announce new flagship devices, normally at IFA. This year, they may be shaking things up by announcing their anticipated G3 a few months earlier, though.

The latest reports from ZDNet Korea say that LG has accelerated their release schedule for the device by two to three months, which would see the device being released around May or June. By speeding up the release of the phone, LG can put the G3 in more direct competition with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which is likely to hit shelves around April.

Out of all of the device manufacturers that are trying to bolster their market share against Samsung and Apple, LG has the best chance of making something happening. Maybe that early release this year will be enough to knock off Samsung’s flagship as the best selling Android device three years in a row. Regardless, I feel like 2014 is going to be a very exciting year.

source: ZDNet Korea

via: PocketNow

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