Microsoft’s Xbox team tweets Xbox news – from an Android device

Microsoft Xbox Twitter Android App

Microsoft’s Xbox team did what everyone would expect them to; they tweeted some information about Xbox gaming events. Normal, right? Well, apparently they handled all that tweeting from an Android device, using the official Android Twitter app. Oops.

There’s nothing wrong with using Android to handle your Twitter account. In fact, most of us here would approve of that. But it is a little odd that a major division of Microsoft, who heavily promotes Windows Phone and publicly tries to embarrass Google’s services, uses Android devices over Windows devices.

Microsoft has done other quirky things like this, such as releasing their Bing rewards app for iPhone and Android devices before Windows Phone. It’s obvious that Windows Phone isn’t doing as well as Android or iOS, but the captain is supposed to go down with the ship, right?

source: The Next Web

  • khb

    And? Google always use only macbooks on presentations and conferences.

  • Tormod

    It’s even more weird that TalkAndroid uses a screenshot from an iPhone as caption.

    • Bj

      Great point! Talk android we’re waiting for your explanation

    • Fedex

      The screenshot is from The Next Web, as stated…..

  • Alan Nudi

    Talk Android uses an iPhone theme for their MOBILE website. Recognize that black square in the upper left corner? Nobody’s perfect :-)