Lenovo rumored to make one of the last Nexus devices


Now that Lenovo is set to acquire Motorola, everyone is wondering what’s going to happen with that new partnership. The latest leak comes from Eldar Murtazin, the same guy responsible for dropping the hint that Google would be ending the Nexus program.

Murtazin has tweeted that Lenovo will be responsible for making one of the last Nexus devices this year, and that it’s going to be aimed at the US market instead of Lenovo’s home market in China. Now, he only said Nexus “product” so while it’s obviously going to be some kind of electronic device, it could be a tablet, a phone, a follow-up to the Nexus Q, or anything else that Google might be wanting to try. Since Motorola doesn’t have much experience in the tablet space, I would think this means phone, but anything could happen.

Either way, we’re sure to start hearing rumors about Lenovo’s first phone with Motorola in a few months. Maybe we’ll hear more about Google extending the Nexus program, too.

source: @eldarmurtazin

  • wekebu

    Nexus 10…please.

  • michael arazan

    There goes ever getting a fast update for your Moto X’s ever again