Samsung toning down its own software, agrees to promote Google services in future devices


Samsung may finally be easing up on their software changes to Android. According to Re/code, a source claims Samsung and Google have come into agreement that will align the Android OEM’s software vision closer to the stock version of the operating system. Apparently Google executives were not happy with the Magazine UX found on Samsung’s upcoming range of tablets because it barely resembles Android in any visual way.

The move also comes after many manufacturers in China applying a skin over Android and leaving out Google services. By having Samsung on its side, Google may be able to sway other foreign OEMs to pack their services. Perhaps this agreement has something to do with their recent patent license.

Re/code says “sources familiar with the discussions say not only will Samsung consider dumping or altering the Magazine UX interface in future devices, but, more importantly, new Samsung devices will spotlight Google’s suite of apps to get movies, music and other content at the expense of its in-house-developed software.” With the Magazine UX-packed tablets possibly launching in less than three weeks, does Samsung halt the launch or release a software update to make the appropriate changes.

Google’s new influence on Samsung may even be seen with the upcoming Galaxy S 5. Samsung is reportedly going to begin providing spotlight for Google content from the Play Store with upcoming devices. Also, previous leaks show the device may potentially pack a new user interface with a Google Now-like service. With the Galaxy S 5 possibly being launched at the end of February, we may get a look at Samsung’s potential new look sooner rather than later.

Source: Re/code
Via: BGR

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