Amazon rumored to launch Android powered gaming and media console this year


It seems like every few months a rumor like this pops up. Current rumors have Amazon pegged as releasing a media and gaming device sized at about the same dimensions as a PSOne. The pre-production box is said to be gray in color and will run Android. Assuming this device is real, we can also expect to see that flavor of Android to be the forked version Amazon has on its Kindles.

The device will be a set top box designed for playing games, streaming movies, and television. It could very well have a tie in with Amazon’s Prime service. Pricing for the device has it pegged below $300. How far below that price point is anyone’s guess. Given that the Roku boxes, Apple TV and Chromecast are priced well below that mark, Amazon could be dead in the water if the box is priced higher than that. Of course this is all speculation.

source: VG 24/7
via: Engadget