Chromecast prepares to take on the rest of the world


After Google came out with a number of hit-and-miss TV devices like Nexus Q, the release of Chromecast was extremely successful and a huge number of units were sold. Well it looks like Google also has big plans for Chromecast in 2014, having finally created a device that connects your media apps straight to your TV.

According to Mario Queiroz, the man behind Chromecast, Google’s goal with the Chromecast was always “to make it so that there wouldn’t be a separate implementation for mobile and TV and set-top boxes.”

Google has struggled with the goal of connecting your media devices. Google tried to get into the users living room with things like Google TV and the Nexus Q, which are both powered by Android. Chromecast, unlike it’s predecessors, runs a stripped down version of Chrome OS, which is used to power Chromebooks.

The Chromecast continued to be refined after it was released, making it easier to use and understand. One of the biggest goals that Google has with the Chromecast was to make it easy to use.

Google has also now released the “Google Cast SDK” to help developers, and Google itself is also working on more Chromecast hardware. Not only that, but the Chromecast will expand into more countries this year, making it more widely accessible.

Source: CNet

About the Author: Christian de Looper

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  • yentrog31

    Wish I could get mine to work. Since I moved to ATT/Uverse it won’t connect. Guess I’ll have to get another Roku.

    • sean carey

      I have ATT/U-Verse – while my internet sucks, i connect with no problems.

      • yentrog31

        I tried everything,reset,changing settings. Many people can’t connect(google) something about IP isolation or something. I spent a whole day trying and now give up.

        • AP isolation – it’s a setting that separates all the Wireless Users so that they cannot communicate with each other – it will also cause problems trying to print to wireless printers and all manner of other things, it’s rather stupid really to have this enabled by default on consumer equipment – it’s really meant for things like Public WiFi

          • yentrog31

            Thx for the comment. Decided to give it another go. Tried AP(your right) and MAC and firewalls. Finally, read to try a new device. Used my Tab,and it worked right away. Guess my Win7 has some setting blocking it. GLTA