HP may release 6-inch phablet with quad-core CPU for $200


After struggling in the mobile market, it really looks like HP is embracing Android to reverse its fortunes. They’ve already released several budget Android tablets, and according to the latest rumors, they’re going to be getting into the budget-phablet contest in emerging markets.

The HP Slate 6 Voice Tab, lengthy name aside, is going to be a 6-inch phone/tablet hybrid with a quad-core Marvell processor, a 720p screen, and dual-sim support. It’s also set to be released in the $200 price range. Between the price tag and the dual-sim card support, this likely means it’s going to be HP’s go-to device in places like India and China where premium flagship phones don’t account for much of the market share.

No word on release date just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

source: Phone Arena

  • Every time a tech blogger uses the made-up word “phablet” baby Jesus cries.

    • swtrainer

      Stupid comment.

    • Jared Peters

      Is “phonblet” any better? I agree that’s it’s kind of a dumb word, but so was “iPhone” at first, and calling a phone a “Galaxy” is pretty awkward. English is weird, just roll with it.

      • How about just “large phone”?

        Also, it’s not remotely English, it’s just a term made up by some tech blogger who was trying (and failing) to be clever and I’ve never seen it used by anyone else.

        Never ever heard of someone refer to a phone as simply a “Galaxy”

        It’s especially absurd because the first time I heard the word was when the original Galaxy Note came out. Now nobody would use the word to refer to a 5″ phone. It shows how meaningless the term really is.