Hands on with the Samsung Smart Home app at CES 2014


Heading into CES 2014, one of the areas Samsung is hoping to make push into is control of “smart home” devices like appliances, lights, TVs, video cameras, and other devices. Part of Samsung’s strategy is to create a standard protocol for communication with devices so third-party hardware will work with their app. We got to check out a little bit of how Samsung envisions this will work by spending some time with the app on the floor of CES 2014.

Home automation does not seem to be a very exciting market segment, but it could be big. It is an area where there is a lot of potential to make consumer’s lives less stressful. Check out how it works in our hands on video after the break. More CES 2014 news and hands on videos will be coming from TalkAndroid, so be sure to keep an eye on the site.