Corning announces antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, can kill bacteria on your smartphone


Smartphone use is as high as ever, with people pulling out their devices at all kinds of moments during the day. Because of that, it makes sense that our screens can get a little…icky. If Corning has anything to say about it, however, this will soon be a thing of the past! At CES today, the company unveiled their new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, which can actually kill bacteria that happen to find their way onto your device. Hit the break to find out more and see a video about the glass!

The glass is formulated using ionic silver, which is an antibacterial agent. In fact, according to CNet, the glass could repel up to 99.9% of bacteria. The glass is also completely safe to use, and Corning was able to add the silver while still preserving other properties of Gorilla Glass, so it’s still as strong as ever. It can be used on smartphones, tablets and other devices with displays.

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