Belkin Miracast Video Adapter is a pricier Chromecast alternative


The Chromecast has been one of the hottest new products of 2013, and as any successful technology product, it’s going to inspire alternatives by other companies. The Belkin Miracast Video Adapter is the latest. The Miracast is able to mirror the screen of your phone’s or tablet, allowing users to enjoy games, videos, photos and apps in Full HD on a big-screen TV, just like the Chromecast does. For mirroring, mobile devices must have Miracast support, meaning they must run at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for some handsets, or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for others.

The Miracast runs at $79, which is more than double the price of Google’s Chromecast. Also, the Chromecast has a lot more device support, including iOS, Windows, and OSX, making it seem like the better option, at least at first glance. Still, check out the source link if you are interested.

Source: Belkin


  • Grant

    Being the Google Chromecast outside of the USA can be upwards of $200 this alternative is not so bad.

  • Jason

    Miracast has a slightly different goal than Chromecast. I’m guessing that Chromecast would be much better for streaming video since the device is pulling the video straight from the Internet source. Since Miracast is just mirroring whatever is on your phone’s screen, that puts more work on the phone and would drain your battery faster. The advantage of Miracast is that you don’t have to worry about app compatibility. It would be better for presentations or just showing off various things on your phone to other people.

  • edub1313

    The great thing about Miracast is that you do not need local wifi nor an internet connection other than your cell data signal. With Chromecast you need both as well as being limited to a few apps to stream things with. I have both and can tell you miracast is way more practical.

    • ddh819

      with miracast you don’t even need cell data if you have the content stored locally