Qualcomm Toq smart watch now available through Amazon


Qualcomm’s Toq smart watch became available earlier this month exclusively through the company’s site. But starting today, you can purchase one through Amazon. The Toq is priced at $349.99 and comes in black, although white is on the way for Qualcomm’s site. With its high price point, Qualcomm is aiming for developers and early adopters and plans to produce a very limited run. This smart watch, unlike the Galaxy Gear, works with any device that is running at least Android 4.0.3. The standout feature for this smart watch is its Mirasol display that allows for excellent battery life. If you’re interested in getting the Qualcomm Toq smart watch, hit the source link below.

Source: Amazon

  • Donald A. Derham

    Android 4.0.3? You guys should’ve caught that.

    • luis

      What do you mean? 4.0.3 is an Android version.

      • Donald A. Derham

        Quite clearly 4.3 and not 4.0.3 is correct.

        • Bret Kerrins

          Actually, it means that you must be running at LEAST 4.0.3. It does not mean that you need 4.3.0 It will work with 4.2.2.

        • Justin_Herrick

          Check the FAQs on Qualcomm’s site.