Samsung considering Android 4.4 for low cost devices


While Android 4.4 is still rolling out to many devices and many other users are still unsure of whether their phone will receive the update or not, it seems that Samsung is considering rolling out the update to a number of their lower cost phones.

One of the main goals of Android 4.4 was to bring the operating system to devices that might have a lower memory and will likely be lower cost. Because of this, owners of a wide range of devices are hoping that Android 4.4 will come to their phones. This list of devices that Samsung is considering to update will surely make a number of people very happy.

The list includes both the Galaxy S4 mini and S3 mini, the Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Ace 3, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Fame, Galaxy Ace 2 and the Galaxy Fresh. Quite a list of devices, and some there that we maybe didn’t expect – which is a good thing, and means that Googles vision of bringing a later version of Android to lower cost phones is working! Unfortunately this list is anything but official, and we really only expect the Galaxy S4 mini to get the update for sure. Other devices might be a lost cause, especially because of the fact that Samsung’s Touchwiz is likely to mess things up. But, there is always hope!

Source: SamMobile

About the Author: Christian de Looper

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