Honda shows off smartphone airbag case

honda airbag case

This will probably be the most unique news story you’ll read today. Honda has shown off a smartphone case with a built-in airbag called the Smartphone Case N (which shares a similar name with their upcoming N-WGN model car) that can technically protect your phone from any kind of nasty drop, similar to airbags in a car. The case can sense how fast it’s falling, so it can deploy an airbag in as little as 0.2 seconds to make sure your $600 dollar device doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces. It’s a cool concept, just a little quirky.

The case itself is huge and looks like it might do an okay job of protecting the phone without an inflated airbag, but it’s still interesting either way. You’ll probably never see this case hit the market, but this could open the door for some other weird phone-protection developments down the line.

source: VR-zone

  • Alan Nudi

    That was pretty funny. If I knew Japanese it would be lol funny. Definitely a joke, thanks Honda :-)