Google working with Disney, NBC, CBS, FOX to gain content on Google TV

According to an article at Reuters, Google TV is working actively to get their users all the content possible. This means that for the three broadcaster who have blocked access to their sites through Google TV – Disney, NBC, and CBS – there are heavy talks in the works with Google to get them on board. News Corp’s Fox is also weighing their options in blocking out content from GTV.

According to Gartner analyst Van Baker:

“Everybody knows the lock that Google has on Internet traffic in terms of advertising. If you take that model and you extend it to television, suddenly Google’s power becomes enormous in the advertising space and the broadcasters don’t like that idea.”

In a statement from Google, they said the Google TV “enables access to all the Web content you already get today on your phone and PC, but it is ultimately the content owner’s choice to restrict users from accessing their content on the platform.”

What do you think of these broadcasters blocking their content from Google? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

[via Reuters]


    I have a large family, and the only content I allow is Disney, it’s kid and family friendly. I thought the idea was great I could let my kids play Disney games on the TV without the risk of losing my homework, and one could watch their show while the other played. Can’t happen, Disney is blocked. I think this exclusivity is ridiculous. What are they getting at. Someone has a great idea, and because it doesn’t have your name on it you throw a fit like a toddler and block everyone of your fans, not cool Disney, not cool…

  • g

    Broadcasters need to get with it and embrace broadband.

  • droduser

    My son loves to watch the full episodes of mickey mouse clubhouse on my computer. Now that there is an android tablet in the house I thought it would be great to pull it up on there – no go. Disney has their head in the dirt and redirects me to /for-grown-ups. What is it with you people? Embrace technology or die.