Roughly 40% of iPads sold on Black Friday were to Android users


Android users sure want to take a bite out of that Apple. According to more than 90,000 Black Friday receipts from Android and iOS users collected by InfoScout, about 40% of them were Android smartphone owners that bought an iPad. This means that about 36,000 Android users bought an iPad. This is an interesting figure because it shows that although Android is an excellent experience on a smartphone, those consumers aren’t feeling the same way about it on tablets. And with the launch of the new iPad Air, consumers are certainly going to be driven to buy something new with excellent specifications.

Google, on the other hand, has yet to announce their plans for a new Nexus 10 or even a Nexus 8. While some would say it is really up to OEMs to produce great tablets, I would argue that Google needs to shape the tablet experience into something fresh with their Nexus devices. The Nexus line is nowhere near as popular as Samsung’s Galaxy brand, but it certainly is evolving into something mainstream.

Source: InfoScout Blog
Via: Cult of Android

  • companyemails

    This article is making the assumption that these iPads are being purchased INSTEAD of Android tablets, but provides no evidence to support that. I’m curious as to how many of those purchases are in addition to Android tablets? I know in my case I purchased a 32GB Nexus 7 some weeks ago and will be picking up an iPad Mini (still not sure which version) as well before Christmas.

    • Justin_Herrick

      There’s nothing to say that Android tablets are not being bought. I’m not saying iPads are being purchased instead. The point is that in this sample size, 40% of the iPads bought were by Android smartphone owners. I completely understand that they can be gifts. But still, 40% is a large number, even if it is a sample.

  • Jasonn01

    As an Android fan I can say that iPad is a superior tablet (IMO). There are features that IOS have that many android fans like. While i would never replace my phone for an IOS device, I find having a IOS tablet and Android phone being the best of both worlds. I can’t justify missing some great IOS features for a 5 inch upgrade from my Note 3 to a Tab 3. Other than the 5 inch upgrade the two devices are literally the same.

    • jcauseyfd

      I’d be interested to know what features iOS has that you think Android fans like.

      • Jasonn01

        Thing such as Facetime and iMessage. I personally love the fact that I don’t have to wait months to get certain apps ported over to Android and I can have access to Garageband.

  • flamencoguy

    And what is this suppose to prove?

    • luis

      Nothing really I guess, just interesting.

  • LeeJS

    Why is this a surprise? Android owners have kids, wives/girlfriends and grandparents too, you know.

    • NeedName

      not only that but Android dominates smartphone sales. . . so, it’s realistic to see Android smartphone owners buying other products as well, and Android is now taking over tablet sales as well, just not to the same extent. . . yet.

  • Josh Holtrust

    I’m one of these people. I use an android phone and my tablet is an ipad mini with retina display. I just am not interested in any of the current tablets that run android. Love my htc one, love my ipad mini. Then again, I’m the rare android user that likes both android & iOS.