Europe: HTC Desire HD ‘free’ with £25 monthly fee

Online retailer E2Save Mobiles is offering the HTC Desire HD for ‘free’ on a T-Mobile contract with a £25 monthly fee after discounts. For this low cost, you get:

  • Brilliant 4.3″ display
  • Android 2.2
  • 600 minutes of calling time
  • 500 text messages
  • Unlimited data

European Android users, let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking up your own HTC Desire HD with this sensational offer!

[via eurodroid]

  • Got my Desire HD on Thursday 21st Oct. Been working great.
    I got it from T-Mobile UK on a £15 a month tarrif with unlimited data (3GB fair usage policy) and paid towards the phone a bit.
    My model number is A9191, the build number 1.28.405.1, SW 1.28.405.1
    It was an upgrade from a HERO with 2.1 which I was very happy with.
    Have now got used to the increase in weight and size.
    Loaded up my favourite apps and some new ones. 1GB free – several on the 8GB card that came with it. But i’m upgrading to a 32GB and loading my music on soon. When I run taskiller it usually says there is 300 odd MB of free RAM for running tasks.
    Boy is this phone fast! Ran the quadrant metrics and got 2026!
    Really nice screen. Great viewing angle when compared to Nexus.
    Several chaps in my office are waiting for there DHDs to arrive – one due 25th (vadafone) and one due by 29th (sim free).