New Android camera API confirmed for better photography


The Nexus 5 has been hailed as one of the best smartphones of the year, but the overall consensus seems to be that the camera could really be improved upon. These improvements won’t necessarily come from the hardware, but rather from the software used in taking photos on the device.

Last week some code was uncovered about a new camera API that was supposed to be in the works but was scrapped right before the release of Android 4.4. Well Google spokesperson Gina Scigliano has not only confirmed that these API’s exist, but also how they’ll work.

Google will soon be allowing developers to use two new features embedded into Android: RAW image support and burst mode. Developers can now skip stock image processing on Android and instead use their own software in direct conjunction with the camera hardware on the device. Burst mode will also be helpful in capturing action shots. In fact, burst mode is already being used in Android 4.4’s HDR+ shooting mode, which essentially takes a number of photos and combines them into one, creating a sharper and more dynamic photo.

The release date for this new API still has not been announced, and Google has only mentioned that they will be released in a future Android update.

Source: CNet

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