VPlayer for Android Plays Almost Any Format

VPlayer for Android

So you’re a former iPhone lover with a bunch of .mp4 and .mov videos backed up. You do the right thing and buy an Android, but have no way to play those videos of your best friend making a fool of himself at the local pub. Although your friend may be thankful for that, he’ll have to hold his breath, cause the VPlayer for Android is available in Alpha release, and it’ll play those vids no problem.

Along with the 2 codecs mentioned, VPlayer will also play DivX, WMV, MKV, avi, Xvid, and many more. Currently this app is only supported on Android 2.2 devices, but has been found to install on most devices with Android 2.1 as well (Droid X and Droid 2 are not supported).

Search for “VPlayer” in the Android Market or scan the QR below to dust off those once “unplayable” videos!

vplayer QR

Android Market Link

[via lifehacker]

  • Shumphrey

    I’m curious as to why Droid X and Droid 2 aren’t supported. Is there something about these phones that makes something like this harder to develop?

  • Frank
  • Kostas

    I cant find it in the market, i am running 2.1
    Can anyone else find it using 2.1 ?