Huge Google Search update (3.1.8) rolling out, brings Google Experience Launcher to Android 4.1+ [Download]


Today, an absolutely huge Google Search update started rolling out to all Android devices running Android 4.1 and above. The update is version 3.1.8 and is big for a number of reasons.

First of all, the update brings Google Search version 3 (or 3.1.8) to all devices running Android 4.1 and above. This is the version of Search that comes with KitKat, and brings a new UI, as well as a new refreshed animation. The update also allows the Google Experience Launcher APK to work properly when installed. Hit the break for more information on Search 3.1.8.

On certain tablets, the Google Experience Launcher had a number of bugs. For example on the Google Nexus 7, the Search box was off center, the keyboard loaded when you tapped home, and so on. The new Search update fixes all of those problems.

Not only that, a number of new Google Now cards are now available including a website update card, a news topic card, and a what to watch card. Other updates include Waze traffic incidents on maps, real time rugby scores, the ability to check when your packages are ready to be picked up in stores, and the ability to undo dismissing cards.

This is a big update because of the fact that we previously thought that the new Google Experience Launcher (GEL) would only be available to Google Nexus 5 owners. Instead, with the help of an APK (download link below), the Launcher is available for anyone on Android 4.1 or higher. Once you have installed Google Search 3.1.8 via the APK below or from the Play Store, you can install the Google Experience Launcher APK. We can only assume Google will eventually release GEL in the Play Store in the future as a separate app or as part of search, but for now, we have the APK. Enjoy!!!

Download – Google Search 3.1.8

Download –  Google Experience Launcher

Source: AndroidPolice

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  • Cam

    Installing the GEL APK on HTC Droid DNA causes a force-stop of Google search. I get the option to choose Launcher for the home action, but regardless of whether I pick “Always” or “Just Once”, Google Search force stops. Google search itself works beautifully.

    • ThaMC

      I’m having the same issue. Anyone found a fix for this yet? I really want to be able to “ok google” without having to open the app.

      • Jon

        Me three and ive tried numerous times

        • ThaMC


    • ThaMC

      Its fixed with the 4.2 & Sense 5 update. Didn’t do anything special, Just enabled the launcher ( I had disabled it, not deleted). “Ok Google” works flawlessly from any homescreen, as well as swipe right for Google Now.

  • Bel Pires

    I have a LG Optimus L9 P769 running 4.1.2 jelly bean, and i downloaded both files given, but when I installed search then launcher it didnt work. Then i tried to update search from the play store and reinstall launcher, but it still wouldnt work.