Google Now could get exciting new features on November 13


According to Wired, Google Now should be getting exciting new features on November 13. One of the things I have found lacking with Google Now is that it doesn’t have the ability to control other apps. This new update will allow search inside other applications as well as the ability to launch them. So for example, searching for a restaurant could yield results from OpenTable and you could open the app via voice to make a reservation.

Conversations is another area. Right now you can ask multiple questions, but Google Now never asks you anything back. Google Now will start asking you questions, so if you say, “text Robert”, you might get a reply, “which Robert”, or did you mean “Robert Smith or Robert Nazarian?”

Last but not least, better location cards will be coming. We already get transit times based on where you are, but you might get geyser times automatically when you are Yellowstone Park for example.

This sounds like some pretty cool stuff, but why didn’t Google include them when KitKat and the Nexus 5 were announced?

source: Wired
via: Android Authority

  • Mark Rich

    More features? You mean there’s more to Google Now than just the weather? Who’d have thought after these many many months reading about Americans raving about it. Still, I’m not convinced Google will provide these to the majority of the world for a while yet.

    • Where in the world do you live? In the UK i get many useful features from Google Now. It is annoying that Americans get all features but i can’t imagine it’s useless?

    • jcauseyfd

      There is. For example, the other morning I was sitting in stopped traffic on the Interstate on the way to work. Happened to notice that the Google Now widget was telling me 48 minutes from home to work with no delays!

  • As nice as it may be, just don’t get too dependent on the features. A year or two from now they’ll probably yank them in favor of whatever new plan comes along. (I’m not bitter at all. Nope.)

    • Rich Waine

      Yep, I’m still mourning the loss of Google Reader.