Samsung reports Galaxy Gear has an alarmingly high return rate “trending over 30%”


Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Gear got off to a relatively strong start at Best Buys across the country with a very high attach rate with the Note 3 and revamped Note 10.1. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends, because according to a recently leaked document, a ton of people are returning the Galaxy Gear. Some numbers pin the return rate for the Gear at Best Buy trending over 30%. Ouch. Samsung is proactively trying to figure out what’s causing that kind of massive return rate by getting Best Buy to ask customers exactly why they’re returning the Gear. Hopefully we’ll be able to see what the most popular answer is, but if I had to make an early guess, I’d bet it would be something along the lines of “I went home and realized I paid $300 for a watch at Best Buy.”

The Gear hasn’t exactly gotten off to a beautiful start, and this surely isn’t going to help it. Another major (self-imposed) road block Samsung is facing the lack of compatibility with other smartphones besides the Note 3. Part of this return problem could definitely be customers buying the Gear then getting it home to test it out on their Galaxy S III, only to find out it doesn’t work at all. It’s a reasonable assumption to think that a Samsung product would work with another Samsung flagship device, but sadly, that’s not the case. Sure, we’ve seen it work halfway with some other devices, but for a mainstream consumer device that costs as much as the Gear does, that’s not acceptable.

Fortunately, another leaked document posted up some release dates for when compatibility should hit older models of Samsung devices. The Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 as well as the S 4 Active and Note 2 for all carriers should all be receiving compatibility updates by the end of November (T-Mobile’s Note 2 update is slated for December 2nd, but close enough). That’s probably something that should have happened a month ago, but better late than never.

If you’re interested in the exact dates for your model and carrier, check out the picture and source below.

Galaxy gear compatibility update


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  • I’m very happy with my Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. I suspect many people got the Gear without knowing it’s compatibility.

    • Kary

      You could probably test that theory by comparing the number of Note 3’s and Gear sold. If the percentage were even 25%, that would probably indicate you’re right. Above that and you’d almost certainly be right.

  • swtrainer

    They would have been better off to release the compatibility upgrade before they released the gear. Also would have been a good idea to write the software to work with Android… not just with Samsung devices.

  • beatles

    Samsung Quality = China Quality

    • John

      That’s a good thing, right? After all iPhones are also made in China. Samsung is a Korean BTW.

      • beatles

        korean cheapo china quality