Google Play “Newsstand” discovered in version 4.4 teardown


Google Play has grown to have capabilities to sell you apps, music, movies, magazines, books games, and a who lot more. It seems like the store is going to be able to sell you something new in the near future. Android Police tore down the upcoming Google Play version 4.4, and found interesting hints to a new portal called “Newsstand.” It’s actually not the first time “Newsstand” has been spotted – it showed up as “Play News” in the online code of Google Play earlier this year, but this discovery has to lead us to believe that “Newsstand” is coming sooner rather than later.

There’s nothing definite yet, but a deeper look at the code reveals that the “Magazines” section of Google Play could merge into the “Newsstand” section, which would make sense considering that is how iOS’s NewsStand is designed. The code also says there will be a free trial offered of some sort, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Android Police