HTC says competing in cheap phone market is a ‘fool’s game’


It looks like HTC is finally starting to catch on— however, it may be too late.

Following the release of its newest high-end device, the One Max, the company’s head of marketing, Jeff Gordon, released a statement regarding their smartphone manufacturing strategies. “HTC will not suddenly shift strategy to become a budget smartphone maker. Competing against Huawei, ZTE, and eventually Amazon, for low end, razor-thin margins is a fool’s game.”

A fool’s game, you say?

He’s certainly right— but while HTC continues to bash other companies (which are blowing them out of the water with their sales numbers), the tech world continues to bash HTC for their verbal assault on competitors.

The company will try to focus its efforts on higher-end flagships, aiming to dethrone Samsung and Apple as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. It will be hard, and maybe even impossible for HTC, but it will certainly be fun to see them try.

Source: CNET

  • Bob

    Jeff Gordon is not the head of marketing, his twitter profile includes his full job title.

    • Robin

      You can Google “senior global online communications manager” and Jeff Gordon comes up immediately. In fact, he makes up the first few results entirely, and is the only exact match. It’s a made up title by a BS company.

  • crhylove

    So they release a nexus 7 competitor (HTC one max) for $1000? Lol. Game over HTC.

    • Bobby

      What are you talking about? The HTC One Max is a phone. The Nexus 7 is a tablet.

  • GraveUypo

    htc is so full of shit for a company on the edge of bankruptcy.