Is Amazon Set to Release a Chromecast/Apple TV Competitor?


With the holiday season just around the corner we’re bound to see an influx of rumors regarding the launch of random tech devices between now and then. Today’s rumor pegs Amazon as being set to release a Chromecast, ROKU, and Apple TV competitor. The Firetube, as it’s rumored to be called, will be similar to the ROKU in terms of size and shape. It would also be similar in that it would grant users access to various apps. One would expect to see that Amazon’s video service that’s apart of its Prime membership.

According to sources close to the Wallstreet Journal, Amazon has approached various media-centric companies and cable television providers to partner with. They would release their media on apps designed for the box. Currently, those with a Prime account are only able to stream media through the PC or certain set-top boxes such as the ROKU. Even as such Amazon will need to hurry to get this out before it’s too late and for the right price.

Internet TV boxes vary in prices with the Chromecast at $35 to Apple TV at $99. Roku has a few updated devices that will fit in that range. So for Amazon to do well they would probably market their device in that range. Of course if the Kindle Fire is any indication, they won’t have any trouble if they price it lower. There’s rumor too that Amazon would market a separate remote for the device, but like the Chromecast and ROKU, allow the ability to control the device through their tablet or smartphone.

Some would argue that the Firetube could be the rumored smartphone that Amazon is working on but as the folks at 9to5Google pointed out the word tube usually goes and in hand with television and media related items so this seems more plausible. They also point to both American and Canadian patient applications adding some weight to the rumor.

Hopefully, Amazon will make an official announcement here soon. With Black Friday and the holiday season coming here in about eight weeks they’ve got a short window to do so. We’ll keep you posted.
sources: The Wallstreet Journal, 9to5Google



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