Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note II expected to receive Android 4.3 soon


Right on the heels of the HTC One receiving Android 4.3, Samsung is preparing to push the latest version of Android to their own devices. This morning SamMobile tweeted (below) that testing has begun on last year’s Galaxy Note II. According to the Samsung-only site, the Korean company is concluding testing on other devices. They speculate that Android 4.3 will head to the Galaxy S 4 in October and the Galaxy S III near the end of October or early November. And since Samsung has just started testing on the Galaxy Note II, it isn’t expected to be lifted to Android 4.3 until the end of November or December.

Source: SamMobile

  • QSPR

    oh nice, galaxy note 2 behind again. no more samsung smartphones for me

    • haxornator

      Lol better than my Atrix never getting anything beyond GB. At least your phone hasn’t been abandon and will receive the update for sure. I’m looking forward to buying a Samsung as my next phone!

  • Greg

    I have had my Sprint Samsung galaxy s4 for around a month. Everything worked perfectly but now smart scroll & air view are not working. When I got to the settings for Smart scroll it gives you a screen to help figure out how fast or slow you want it to scroll and it works perfectly the green eye comes up in the middle of the screen and it works flawlessly, but when I try it on my Gmail or Google it doesn’t work. Please help thank you, greg

    • Kary

      Smart scroll only works with certain Samsung apps. If you’re trying it on the Chrome browser it won’t work.

      • Greg

        Thanks I know it’s only supposed to work for Gmail & regular Google.