Verizon Wireless refuses to activate Nexus 7 LTE tablets


The Nexus 7 LTE is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, but unfortunately Verizon is looking the other way because it’s not part of their current device lineup. News of this broke quickly once Jeff Jarvis, co-host of This Week in Google, was denied an activation. He took to Twitter and said, “Knock, knock, @VZWSupport, is anybody there? I’m trying to give you money. You’re making it hard.  No, impossible.” Verizon’s response was, “I’m excited you got your Nexus 7 but not all LTE tablets are created equal. It’s not part of our lineup and can’t be activated ^JH.”

What JH is saying is that because the Nexus 7 LTE doesn’t include Verizon’s 3G CDMA network, they cannot (or won’t) activate it. However, it does work on the Verizon network with existing SIM cards. The problem lies in that Verizon is refusing to activate a new account. To further complicate things, Verizon is violating FCC regulations based on their purchase of the 700 MHz spectrum for their LTE network. The following was part of the agreement regarding service, “shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee’s C Block network.”

Word is that Verizon is working on rectifying this issue, but it’s too late. Jeff is already decided to leave the network, “Now I have to spend the day turning off all my @VZWSupport accounts and switch to T-Mobile. Good work, @VZWSupport.”

source: Buzz Machine / +Jeff Jarvis

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • ShapesBlue

    I swear vzw isn’t very smart. Google is trying to give them business not take it away

  • idiots from Verizon

  • Kary

    Verizon is becoming to be like Apple. I left AT&T for that same reason. Where to next?