HTC wins Tech Brand and Phone of the Year in this year’s T3 Gadget Awards, Google Navigation wins Top App

Back in July, we reported that an Android related product or company was a finalist(s) in six categories of the T3 Gadget Awards, put on every year by the UK tech site T3.

Here are the six categories, along with the Android-related finalists:

  • App of the Year – Google Maps Navigation, Layar
  • Commuter Gadget of the Year – HTC Desire
  • Phone of the Year – HTC Desire, HTC Legend
  • T3 Design Award – HTC Legend
  • Tech Brand of the Year – HTC, Google, Samsung
  • Gadget of the Year – HTC Desire

HTC and the Desire were all over the list, and wouldn’t you know it, they took two of this year’s top prizes. That’s right, HTC won Tech Brand of the Year, and the HTC Desire won Phone of the Year.

HTC beat out Apple, Google, Samsung, and Sky for Tech Brand of the Year, and the Desire beat out another HTC device, the Legend, along with the iPhone, Samsung Wave, and Blackberry Bold 9700.

Now, now, let’s not forget about Google Maps Navigation, which took home App of the Year, beating out TomTom for iPhone, FourSquare, and Layar.

Over 750,000 people voted for their favorite companies, gadgets, and applications, and HTC taking two major prizes, along with Google Navigation taking App of the Year, Ā speaks volumes to Android’s popularity among consumers.

If you’d like to check out the rest of this year’s winners, you can do so here.

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