New, cheaper variant of Samsung Galaxy Note III could be in the works


We are all familiar now with major manufacturers producing several variants of their flagship devices in order to target specific markets and demographics, so news that Samsung may be ready to release a cheaper variant of the new Galaxy Note III intended for emerging markets should not be surprising. According to sources in Korea, Samsung has a version of the new stylus-equipped phablet that costs 20 – 30% less to manufacture than the “normal” version slated to be unveiled next week. It appears changes will include the use of an LCD screen instead of Super AMOLED and a downgraded rear-facing camera capable of 8 MP compared to 13 MP for the normal unit. Samsung could also look at a change like downgrading the processor to a Snapdragon 600.

You may recognize that de-tuning the screen and camera were the same changes Samsung made when producing the Galaxy S 4 Active. So another alternative may be that Samsung is working on a ruggedized version of the Galaxy Note III for buyers who want to use their device in the great outdoors or other hazardous environments.

We should find out more next week.

source: ET News