Sleeve for Nexus 7 released on Google Play for $29, available in both US and Canada



Just as Google announced that the Nexus 7 would be available to customers in Canada as well as the United States, they simultaneously released a sleeve for the device, which will of course be available in both countries. It’s got a pretty basic design, with a black outside and a gray-cloth interior. A pouch is located on the outside which can hold cables and accessories for the device.

This new case will also fit the older model of the Nexus 7 as well, and is on sale for $29.99— according to the site, it will ship in 1-2 days. The cheapest shipping price is $17.98 which is certainly a bit too pricey for my taste.

Any of you guys planning on getting one?

Source: Google Play

  • Adam

    WTF? Why is shipping $18??

  • Darkcobalt

    Aren’t the Nexus 7 first and second gen different sizes? Will this sleeve fit a 1st gen N7 snugly (eg no loose bits)?

    • A few millimeters difference give or take… Both 7-inchers, hence the name “Nexus 7.”

  • Carlo Wahlstedt

    $4 for 5-10 day shipping