Latest Play Store update 4.3.10 available for download, new recently updated section and more


Google is rolling out the latest version of the Play Store, 4.3.10, and this one has some cool changes in store for us. The first is a Recently Updated section which will show you the apps that recently got updated. They will appear at the top of your installed list and are temporary. This is perfect for those of you that are set for automatic updates and mistakenly cleared your notifications.

The next one is going to make things cleaner in your notification panel. Right now, your notification panel shows each app that got updated on a separate line. Now with 4.3.10, it will combine all the apps that got updated into one line. Much cleaner.

These are the major changes. If you want to see some of the other stuff, hit the source link. We also have download links for you after the break. Enjoy!!

Download Link (1) / Download Link (2)

source: Android Police

  • RTWright

    Hmmm, I actually see no difference in that one section, the Recently Updated. It’s no different than the Updates section that’s currently in there, just renamed and it says “Installed”as apposed to “Update” to the right of the app listed. No difference in Functionality just things are tagged differently.

  • android

    Shut the F up! RTWright! Google is very nice to its users and updates yheir products.frequently to ensure customer satisfaction. Many people like you tend to get angry at Google when it does not update its products but then when Google does minortweaks you tend to get disappointed. What’s the matter with you guys? I appreciate Google’s effort in pushing minor updates to enhance the usability of their products. But you always expect an out of this world update every time! Of course greatthings come from small beginnings you A-Hole!