Android device activations now at 1.5 million per day and Larry Page is very excited for the Moto X


Google had their quarterly earnings call this afternoon. TalkAndroid isn’t a business blog so we will just tell you the stuff that matters to Android. It’s always interesting to see where things are when it comes to daily Android activations. According to Larry Page, it’s now at 1.5 million devices per day. That is up from the 1.3 million daily average that was reported last September. Amazing is an understatement.

The Moto X did come up and Larry Page said, “I know you’re all eagerly anticipating what Motorola is launching soon. Having been a tester for a while. I’m very excited.” I think we all are. We could see it next Wednesday, but they could also premier it at a separate event later. He was also asked about how the Moto X might affect other Android partners. Page said,  “We operate Motorola independently. You can see the level of work that’s gone on there to operate that business. I think the team’s been doing a great job, as we mentioned. I think they’re working hard on making great products and I think we’re really excited about it.”

If you do own Google stock, they are down about 4% in after hours trading.

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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