MoDaCo Switch will offer both stock and Sense on your HTC One


Do you have an HTC One and want to try out stock Android, but aren’t willing to take the plunge and lose Sense? Well, popular modder Paul O’Brien is at your service, as he is developing a new feature called MoDaCo Switch, which will allow users to seamlessly switch between HTC Sense and stock Android. Via the image above, you can see just how easy it will be to switch.

The feature is a work in progress, understandably  as it must be difficult to load two full operating systems and the ability to switch into a ROM. You’ll need to be rooted, and run the MoDaCo ROM on your One for this to work.

Source: @PaulOBrien
Via: Android Community

  • Kary

    I wish the manufacturer/carriers would offer something like this. As the owner of a new S4 for less than a week I’m already wondering if I made a mistake not getting the Google version. So far I find the Samsung software running on top of JB to be particularly underwhelming.

    This type of option would let me try both systems, and more easily switch if I wanted. Offering it would be a huge customer magnet for whatever carrier allowed it.

    • Benjamin Pavel

      Just Root it and flash Google Play Edition ROM. :D

  • It would make a lot more handy. The provision is good.

  • MoDaCo Switch will offer both stock and Sense on your HTC One. good , may be have it , very great

  • all right! true true